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Zimbabwe Meets Cameroon In Poetry

Zimbabwe Meets Cameroon In Poetry

Borders disappear when there is a will to Decipher. Poetry becomes the path that eliminates the thousand miles keeping talent worlds apart. Poets Mennaseh P. Chisvo and Motaze C. Hope have brought together Zimbabwe and Cameroon in poetry. Together they penned the mind-blowing anthology titled Decipher: The Need.

It is quite intriguing having such young souls defy the odds of distance to bring two countries in one book. The two poets have successfully published a book that proves beyond reasonable doubt that we are one. That is regardless of where we come from.

Reading through the poetry anthology, one cannot decipher which words are whose. The duo intertwined their bars and made them match. They sang silently with a loud echo.

The book comes as reminder to some imperative life realities. We can obtain as much power as possible, but we all have one fate. As such we need to make right with our surroundings, despite our level of influence.

One cannot afford to miss the emphasis of our journey back to dust, from which we come. I quote the opening poem, Long Way:

We have come a long way,
Yet it seems we are headed
To our point of departure,
Exactly where we are coming from…
From dust to dust!

Yes! We are dust in motion, moulded clay, and to dust we shall return.

The verses are music that sings repentance of the corrupt souls. If we are to learn, we cannot afford to write back home that our story needs panel beating. In Shona there is a saying that says; “kudya zvevapfupi nekureba.” It talks of tall people eating the fruits of the short people on the advantage of height.

Lest I go in quoting every poem, I will leave this here. Truly, there is need to revisit the structure of our behaviors and restructure. I believe the book deserved a multitude of accolades and should be considered for wider reading. I can truly recommend this anthology for the next reader intending to disappear in the depth of literature.


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