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Wisdom Of The Old

Wisdom Of The Old

She is the mother of hope, kind and sweet. Hardly noticed as she goes, but she wishes everyone a long life.

She is old and frail. They blame her for everyone’s mishap in the society. “The witch“. That is what they call her. They even forbade their young from visiting her.
“Be wary of the old hag.” That’s what all of them will tell you when you visit for the first time. Even when you visit again, they will remind you. “She killed all her children to live long,” so they say. I don’t think so though. The kids were wreckless with their own lives in the city. They abandoned their widowed mother in the country and pursued the pleasures of the world.

She finally spoke to me one day. “They despise me,” she said. “I called my kids relentlessly telling them to mind their lifestyle. Alas, I was too old fashioned. They were living the days until the days caught up with them.”
She gave me one priceless piece of advice. She said;

“the world is not in your pockets, but life is in your hands.”

Featured Image Source: Pixabay


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