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Will Hangover Disappear With Your Problems?

Will Hangover Disappear With Your Problems?

Once upon a certain time we have all had our own share of wrong decisions. Some were dire, whilst others had minor consequences. What did we learn thereafter?

Nobody under the sun is a saint and self-righteousness is misleading. I write not to judge anyone, but let my ink help someone choose the right path.

It is quite saddening seeing our peers dissolved in the norm of drug abuse. Not to rebuke anyone, but what good is it if one chooses to be eternally intoxicated?

oftentimes I am told, “they take these drugs to relieve their stress.”

It is understandable that as a broken youth we need some sort of escape point from our universal stress. The state of our daily lives is not all perfect and we are living from hand to mouth. The majority of us have clocked 25 years of age without securing any life savings. Many are unemployed, with no idea of when their parents will tire of providing for them.

All these pose some psychological stresses living many desperate. However, it is imperative that we maintain a sober mind to sail through our problems. On the downside of it all, some mole has encouraged the youth that drugs will take away all the stress.

Hence, we have seen the widespread of all sorts of drugs in the streets. We have influential musicians chanting bars of the goodness of drugs and how they make them feel elated. Not knowing that these people sing for the money and fame, youths have tagged along.

It may be true that when intoxicated your mind drifts far from your problems. When hangover disappears, does it take your problems along with it?

Instead, it leaves you appreciating that time you could forget everything and be happy. The next thing is that you want to be happy again. It starts small, as remedy to stress. Then slowly grows into an uncontrollable addiction. Before you know it, your life is a real mess. All you need by that time os to be high and forget your worries.

Here’s some food for thought:

1. How far are you destroying yourself mentally and physically?
2. Does your stress disappear after hangover?


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