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Who Cares For Common Sense?

Who Cares For Common Sense?

Two and two
make whatever they want;
to hell with common sense
I’m tired.

I’m not acting programmed,
Not anymore
Pragmatism is a better foot,
for me, maybe not you.
I do not implore you
not now, never tomorrow
To do like I.
You are you, you do you.

Put two and two together,
You get four
I will get two twos.
Fret not pal,
we both are right.

All is vanity under this sun,
the big burning plate never dries
and hope lingers longer.
We seek answers forever,
will the sun ever give in to gravity
or the moon?
Will we have boiling rain one day?
All the while we await the recession of a savior standing on clouds.

Why do clouds look fluffy anyway?


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