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Tribute To Soul Jah Love

Tribute To Soul Jah Love

It’s sad…

Truly, it’s sad.

The ghetto was rough,

Life brushed him too bad.


In him was a prophet,

 not bound to the pulpit

But speaking the future still.

In his words was healing,

  despite his flaws

He always preached reality.

If his was a perfect upbringing,

 maybe he’d turned out like others

But we don’t plan destiny,

Fate is evil at times.


Prematurely became fatherless

Then left the earth childless.

In your days you wept,

Yet we found entertainment in your tears.

You turned your sorrow into lyrics,

Music that healed the broken.

Who consoled you behind closed doors?

We should have known better,

We lacked the thirst to know more.

Alas, we judged the mask you wore

Now as you sleep to never wake,

We understand your words at work…

Fare thee well ghetto prophet


6 thoughts on “Tribute To Soul Jah Love

        1. Such was his life its a pity the words if only do not change the situation. But all the same we have learnt a big lesson from his departure ‘love me when I’m still alive and there will be no regrets when I’m gone’ Go well Sauro

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