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The World Is Pain Part 4

The World Is Pain Part 4

Forensic evidence showed there were two people in the car. A man and the other gender. They were both burnt beyond recognition. It should have been a painful death.

Who was the woman? Was Greg cheating?

To honor the bagful of memories Diane had with Greg, she went on to conduct a funeral for him. Forget the other woman in the car, Greg was the father of the seed in her womb.

“Maybe she was nobody too special,” she tried to comfort herself.

All the formalities were conducted and the body was laid to rest. Memories still kicked in and hit so hard at times. “Why God, why?” she’d always ask.

Greg was never the kind to cheat. The world thought otherwise though. The question still reminded, who was the passenger? Diane had no answer to that. Even when he left office, they said he was alone.

As if that was not enough, new drama unfolded just two weeks after burial. Greg’s funeral policies had paid out all the money. In Africa news travels at the speed of lightning. Gossip to be precise.

It was heard that Diane received enough money that she wouldn’t need to work anymore. “Maybe she killed her husband for the money,” said the Gossip FM. All sorts of theories painting Diane as the culprit emerged.

The pot was even hotter when it was known that Diane had missed a few periods. The new unverified headline was even more humiliating. “No wonder she rushed to bury him,” said family members from Greg’s side.

Speculation as always. “Who’s seed are you carrying?” asked her mother-in-law. She was convinced that Gregory did not plant it in there. Their theory was that she fell pregnant for another man. Thus, they conspired to Greg take out of scene.

What was her side though? Well, nobody had an ear for her. It was just too good to be true that their son would die after dropping a fertile seed. Not after all these years in vain. Something had to be unearthed somehow.

What good was the money then if she knew no peace? She cursed the heavens for blessing her and turning away from her. The baby in her womb should have been a blessing. Here she was, questioned for finally becoming a mother. Such are the days of our lives.

Then came one sunrise. Diane was for months into the pregnancy, learning to live with the curse. They chased her out of the apartment. Greg’s family never wanted anything to do with her anymore after such disgrace. She left and bought herself a new house somewhere in the countryside.

Greg’s siblings moved into the old apartment and took over everything. Unfortunately, they failed to lay their hands on the policy payouts. At least Diane had something to start off with. She also resigned from work and started her online business. For all it was worth, she was a successful woman.

To be continued…

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