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The World Is Pain Part 2

The World Is Pain Part 2

Diane’s figure showed that she had seen better days before. Maybe it was a deficiency of vitamin Greg that wore her down. It became very easy to feel sorry for her. The woman was in excruciating pain.

Then, all of a sudden, came a gentle knock on the door. Although awake, her mind was dead. Diane was slowly losing her sanity too. The police had to break down her door. They were alarmed by her silence and feared the worst had happened behind closed doors. CCTV footage showed that she had not left her house. So why did she not answer?

Storming into the house, the police and security officers carried their hearts in their hands. Maybe they were a little too late. Only time could tell. A woman in pain wasn’t supposed to be left alone after all.

They scratched every corner, but Diane was nowhere in the house. One officer even checked the sugar basins in the kitchen. How would she have fit in there though? Confusion!

Slowly, Diane started hearing voices inside her house. She picked up her phone and pressed her smart home app panic button. All the alarms in the house started sounding. That to everyone’s surprise.

“Did anyone press the panic button on the panel?” asked detective Jean.

Everyone looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. They were all standing in the lounge discussing their next move, so definitely no one did. But how did the alarms activate all of a sudden.

“Hello!” Diane answered her phone with a shaky voice.

“Hello ma’am. My name is Mishy, we received your SOS message,” said the lady from the security control room. “Are you safe?”

“There are people inside my house, please send someone to check.” They conversed further and Diane painfully explained her location.

Mishy called the patrol officers to check on Diane. To his amusement, he was standing in the heart of Diane’s house. Where was she?

“Uhm ma’am?” said Mishy.

” Yes,” Diane answered exuding fear in her voice.

“It seems like you are not in your house.”

“No, I am in my house. How do you think I knew there were people inside?”

“Ma’am, there are security and police officers in your house. Apparently you have not been answering your door and they have looked for you to no avail.”

” Really!?” she asked. Surprised also.

” Yes ma’am. They had to break down your door.”

” What!? I’ve been here for days, no one knocked on my door.”

“Where exactly are you ma’am?” Mishy asked.

Diane looked around and paused for a moment. “Holy smokes, my bad!” she said.

“Is everything okay, ma’am?”

“I think so…” she said and dropped her phone.

Diane slid the glass door and walked into the house from the balcony. Everyone was startled and turned towards her direction. Detective Jean quickly and securely pulled out his gun.

“Don’t shoot!” shouted Diane.

Instantly detective Jean secured his firearm and walked towards Diane. She looked totally wasted and would really use a decent shower and meal. The sight of many people surrounding her gave her a shock. Confused maybe. Her head spun around and she felt like the world was coming down on her.

Before she knew it, Diane was laying flat on the ground. She looked dead. Maybe not dead, but surely lifeless.

“Call in the paramedics now. Quick,” ordered Hank. Hank was the head of security and said looking at the patrol officer.

The paramedics had been on standby and came in without delay. Wasting not any second, they strapped Diane to the stretcher and took her away to the hospital.

  • Three Hours Later

The clock ticked further, and the silence in the room became too loud. Diane was now stable, but still had bound to the hospital bed. The doctor wanted to monitor her for at least the next twenty four hours. “She’s lucky she didn’t lose the baby,” said the doctor.

“What baby,” asked Diane.

Reading the curious expression on her face, the doctor realized that she didn’t know anything. “Well, you are three weeks pregnant ma’am.” Shock, again.

Diane couldn’t believe the joke. It took presenting the test results to clear her doubts. Alas, what good was the good news if the father was nowhere to be found. Instead, Diane stressed even more.

“This is good news ma’am, why are you crying?”

Diane wished the doctor knew the sweat and tears it took for this good news to come. Even Greg’s family had been on her case for not conceiving through their five years of marriage. They tried everything in their pool of abilities until they gave up. There was no explanation, medical or spiritual, to their mishap. It was just what it was. Only time was waiting to tell the tale.

To be continued…

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