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The Innocent Murderer Part 3

The Innocent Murderer Part 3

“So, why did you murder your father?” asked the judge.

“Stepfather you mean,” answered Gabriel. He shrugged his shoulders and lowered his head.

“Yes, why did you do it?”

Gabriel raised his head and pointed towards his mother. “Do you see her?”

The whole room turned and fixed their curious eyes on Agnes. Her figure was nothing close to remarkable. She looked too old for her own age. The scars on her face. One would imagine that she used to be a boxer in her youth days. She could not raise her head to face the people.

“I have watched her suffer all my life. She cried and bled in my eyes ever since I have been able to see and understand. This man you are asking me about has killed her many times, but she kept rising. You want me to carry some reserved remorse for this filthy bustard they call a father?” said Gabriel.

“Mind your language please Mr. Gabriel,” the judge interjected.

“I am sorry your honor,” he apologized. “But I am not sorry for this man’s death, he deserved it.”

Agnes started crying whilst in the crowd. She watched her son offload the traumatizing experiences of his childhood. Gabriel was unfortunate to never meet his father. Unfair as it is, life replaced his father with a beast that had no respect for his mother at all. Abhero was a careless man who disregarded Agnes completely. He failed to sustain the businesses established by Jorum in his lifetime, but rather spent all the money on alcohol.

Every night he came back home and knocked on Agnes’ door. He wanted to make a wife out of her, but she never gave him that chance. On one night he came back totally wasted and knocked again on her door. She refused to open for him, but he was even more furious. In turn he broke down the door and went on to force himself onto the poor woman.

Abhero reeked of cheap alcohol, three days old sweat and probably a mouth that had never kissed a toothbrush. Before he found himself inside her body she pushed him off her body and he fell to the floor. Agnes ran out of the house and locked herself in the garage. Abhero fell unconscious when he hit his head on the floor. He lay on the floor all night and only regained his senses in the morning.

Agnes tip toed her way into the house. To her greatest shock, Abhero was still lying lifeless on the floor. Her heart skipped a bit and she held her hands tightly to her mouth.

“Is he dead,” Agnes thought.

She just wanted to grab her toiletries, now this sudden twist. First the husband she loved was knocked down, did she just murder the husband she passionately hated. Good riddance maybe.

“Honestly, the thought of the bastard’s death gave me a sudden relief.” Agnes told one her friends.

Unfortunately, Abhero started moving his toes. He groaned and complained silently, which renewed the long terror that scared Agnes. She cursed hell for rejecting its own. “Why did they give you another chance for life?” she asked from within.

Gabriel grew up watching this filthy display of patriarchy. He watched his mother cry more than she smiled. Agnes was broken down completely, and this added fire to Gabriel’s pot of despise.

“One day is one day,” Gabriel warned Abhero in his heart.

Then came the fateful day. Abhero was bound to kiss death one way or the other.

To be continued…


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