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The Innocent Murderer Part 2

The Innocent Murderer Part 2

In his lifetime, Jorum worked tirelessly. He acquired so much wealth. Many envied his riches, and so did Abhero.

For a fool he was, Abhero did the unimaginable. Knowing that he was next in line, he plotted for the death of his brother. He thought long and deep about it. Then he finally came to terms with his decision.

Abhero was still staying in the village. His brother took too long to invite him to stay in the city. Offended, he concluded that he had abandoned him to herd the cattle for the rest of his life. All this while he forgot that he voluntarily dropped out of school.

“Why doesn’t mukoma (brother) want to take me to the city?” Abhero wondered.

His questions boiled further and evolved into jealousy. The jealousy then grew into anger and eventually hate.

“No, mukoma has to die,” he said. Abhero nodded his head and walked out of his room naked.

In his hand he held an egg and on his way out of the house he picked a small gourd. Abhero went and stood at crossroads to perform his dirty ritual. He recited his incantations and summoned the angel of death to take his brother.

The following morning Jorum met his untimely death.

To be continued…


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