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The African Son Chapter 2

The African Son Chapter 2

The old man of the house had finally made his mind and ready to take his leave. It was now time to say the final goodbyes and wanted everyone to gather around to bid farewell.

Alas, the African son had woken up as early as four o’clock in the morning and went out. No one knew where he had been. Mr. Tembo was worried that his message from the previous night had disturbed him somehow.

Everyone was busy looking around when a familiar whistle was heard from a distance.

“Only Masimba can play this whistle tune,” said Mrs. Tembo in a confused tone.

“What do you mean?” asked Mr. Tembo.

Mrs. Tembo stood to her feet very softly, reached for her walking stick and started walking towards the backyard. There he was; Masimba was coming from outside the compound with a guinea fowl on one hand and a rabbit on the other.

He nodded his head and was whistling the tune that separated him from everyone else. This one was a special melody, he had composed himself and his mother knew it very well because she enjoyed it.

Everyone around just looked at him, but he did not understand them. Some held waists taking deep sighs, some leaned on the huts to keep their balance. However, the young and energetic Masimba kept walking and shouted, “Baba!” (meaning father).

Mr. Tembo just stared at his son. He wondered what had propelled his son into such a jovial state. He turned to his wife and whispered to her through the air; “Is everything alright with your son…”

“So he is my son because you do not understand what is going on now?” asked Mrs Tembo.  “Just let me be old man, at least my son is safe after you told him your evil plans last night.

“Could you not have waited until morning then talk to him?” Mrs. Tembo was getting furious now.

They had once argued some days before when Mr. Tembo broke the vessel to her. She had insisted on him not leaving the family, but he was adamant. His mind was fixed on joining other comrades to save the land.

Before the argument broke up again Masimba was standing before them with the longest smile ever.

“Where have you been young man?” asked Mr. Tembo with a daring voice.

“I went out hunting father,” said Masimba in a confident voice. “I wanted Chenai to prepare the meat for you before you leave.”

“When did you leave the house my son?” said Mrs Tembo filled with mixed emotions. She was happy that her son was back, but still did not have any idea of the time he had left home.

“It was still dark when I left mother. I wanted to assure father that I can take up the challenge he left.”

He accompanied his words with a bright smile that filled his whole face. “Do not worry father, mother and the young Tembos will always have something to eat.

“They will never go to sleep on an empty stomach. You remember that piece of land of ours; I will turn it into fruitful forest for the family’s consumption. I am going to guard your legacy with paramount jealousy.”

Mr. Tembo was so moved by this promise. He stood and shook his son’s hand and whispered into his ears; “Congratulations my son, you have earned my respect as a man.”

While Chenai and Chipo were preparing the meet for their father. Mr. Tembo took Masimba behind the house and taught him other ways of setting traps and how to shoot an arrow.

They conversed until it was too late and Mrs. Tembo mobilized the whole family and the vessel was broken to everyone else. Mr. Tembo was now leaving, but no one knew this was the last time they were going to see him until forever.

However, that was a chapter yet to be told on another day.

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2 thoughts on “The African Son Chapter 2

  1. Interesting piece about courage and determination, hopefully the family will be able to soldier on without Mr Tembo.

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