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Talk Of Myths & Mysteries

Talk Of Myths & Mysteries

In a land of man, high mysticism is a culture. Myths are the governing powers of how we eat, sleep, walk and even make babies. There is bag full of caution signs if you want to live longer, or just happily ever after.In this account I will unravel a few myths I have learned of growing up.

Where I come from women are demigods of some sort. They are feared by both genders. It is believed that their curse is more powerful than lightning. They use always to threaten their children. I come from Zimbabwe in a Shona community where they call it “kutanda botso”. My dear, if a mother curses you even the devil will feel sorry for you.

Men sell their souls at the alter of fornication and lust. Many believe bedding a virgin gives them good health and long life. Some even go as far as tasting the sacred blood for wealth rituals.

The umbilical cord carries greater consequences for a child. Greater than that of missing vaccination for the child killer diseases. We call the umbilical cord “rukuvhute”, and it should be buried properly after child birth. If you don’t, be ready to suffer the consequences.

Well, some say it all depends on your religious standing. For those closely attached to the Christian faith, it really doesn’t matter. However, some with double standards even fly from UK to bury the umbilical cord in Zimbabwe.

We also have some interesting myths. Yes! Interesting myths…
Asmuch as it sounds like a sick joke, we have quite a couple of places of no return. You can easily access these places, but finding your way back is good luck. If you are new to any area, ask for guidance first before going on tour.
One of such places is Mt. Nyangani. People of the Eastern Highlands, in Zimbabwe have a reserved fear for this sacred mountain. Oral and written bears witness of the handful of tourists who dared visit the mountain. They all vanished.

Some well published mysteries were the duo who disappeared in 1981. These were daughters of the popular Tichaendepi Masaya. Regardless of the thorough and relentless searches, all hope vanished into thin air.

In 2014 a 31 year old Asian tourist climbed up, but never down. Known as Zayd Dada, he went on a hike with some colleagues. His pals gave up halfway, but himself chose to finish the climb. Unfortunately, he is still finishing until today.

These are some of the mysteries or myths from where I come from. Hopefully, I will get another chance to tell you about the Chinhoyi Caves, the golden stick from Mutarazi falls, and a whole lot of interesting and sad mysteries.


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