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Slaves of Ambition

Slaves of Ambition

it’s quite unfortunate
our minds are condomized
whatever our sane being projects
everything seems useless.

Well, look at this,
we are all packed into a shaddy system
where education is key to a barricaded door.

Beyond the barricaded door lies a bottomless pit
right after your first step through the door;
you fight courageously hoping to see a bright one
but grass on the other side only seems green and nothing more.
the perceived strange future holds for us all,
because we are programmed
We can’t tell
which is which from that and that.
All was said to be part of the journey,
we are meant to endure until we conquer
whilst practically, struggles are relentless.
Everyday under the sun has got its own.

Like headless chickens
we wander in all directions purposefully
lacking a sense of direction;
Not knowing what the next step will yield,
yet determined to take a few more
and out of curiosity we summon our courage.
We work, work and work
then get paid peanuts to buy our kids butter,
whilst the service provider awaits his share
and the wife also has needs,
not forgetting your dry throat
hoping to drown one or two icy-cold swallows

Slaves of ambition we are;
we hope to be as great as most
and they encourage us to follow their path
Yet, they forget to pin landmines and trenches on the map.
The best we can do is follow a set trap
into the lion’s den
and we delightfully jog our way through the obstacles,
determined to get to them.
They smile and wave at us from beyond the glass,
but all we can see is them smiling at us
and we give them our best smiles too…
Only to wake up one day caught up in a mess
held by a man’s trap
and almost impossible to escape,
thus a new fight begins.


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