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Situations 1

Situations 1


Your daily six o’clock alarm rings and you gradually skip from dream land. In a you are back to the realities of life. It’s now the future of yesterday.

You make a huge groan like yawn. Fortunately, no fly staggers into your deep hollow. You even smell it that your teeth miss toothpaste.

Beside your bed there is a portable FM radio. You grab it and lazily twist the volume knob and the same old familiar voice is live. All of a sudden she is cut and one automatic sounding voice announces.

“Breaking News!!”

You listen attentively as it warns of a huge cyclone heading for your town.

Carelessly you say, “I can’t cancel my trip because of a storm. Never!”

Fortunately when you are done preparing you look outside. It is very clear and sunny. No sign of a storm.


As you approach the exit of the town, something seems wrong. Driving comfortably in your Jeep, you turn on the radio. Once again the breaking news broadcast is live. Disgusted, you turn off the radio.

Ngrrr! Ngrrr! Your phone rings.

You: Hello!

Caller: Hello, where are you?

You: I’m on way out of town.

Caller: Man, did you not hear the news

You: Where are you?

Caller: I’m home

You: Go outside and tell meif there is any storm

Caller: Yes man, it’s clear right now but…

You: I have to drive now. Catch you later.

You rudely hang up the call.


Slowly, you open your eyes. By the road side your Jeep lays in a wreck. It has turned over and is lying upsidedown. You can’t afford to look at it for the second time. Luckily you were on insurance. Obviously, the car will be compensated.

Surprisingly, nobody seems to notice you. Your white shirt is covered in blood. You are walking barefooted, but cannot feel the ground you are stepping on. You turn around to your car again.

Shocked now, you see the paramedics zip you up in a black bag. The truth of the matter is, you are dead and gone. The cyclone caught up with you and did it’s best to destroy you, your car and your dear future.

Morale: Some risks are not worth taking in life. Learn to value life over money. Material things can be insured and replaced but you only live once(Y.O.L.O).


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