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Revival of Lost Hope

Revival of Lost Hope

Waking into a disappointment is not a valid reason to quit trying. Unrelenting efforts are a passing phase in human life; these signify the need for either greater effort or just patience. All it calls for is a sound mind and an enduring heart to tell the world to bring all the challenges possible. We remain hopeful through each struggle.

Jurgen Namupira

Sometimes we pray for certain things or rather gifts and expect instant results. That is how the world has shifted its view of prayer points. Instead of rather praying for opportunities to experience miracles, we create models for our own miracles. Patience is a virtue that has lowered its supply or demand is declining. Nobody knows!

By The Riverside 
She stood there; depressed and tired. In one hand she held her bible and her rope on the other. From her waist she unrolled an African designed clothe and spread it on the river bank to take a lazy nap.

She went off for hours laying her head on the bible. Then suddenly, to her disappointment, when she felt her spirit rising into the peaceful realm someone shook her heavily.

“Excuse me! Please wake up, you are not safe here,” said the distant echoing voice.

“Huh…” she opened her eyes slightly and returned to sleep. She was exhausted and couldn’t even lift a finger.

The man looked around and saw a small packet of rat poison. To this, he was taken aback and lifted the lady and took for the road. He was at his best speed when he bumped into a group of police officers on patrol. The officers stopped the poor man and walked slowly towards him.

“What seems to be the problem here,” asked one officer with a strong face.

“She is dying,” said the man pointing to the woman with his head.

“What do you mean she is dying?”

“Can’t you see her? Does she look alive to you,” implored the man. He got agitated and turned his back on the law enforcers who were wasting his time.

With just a few meters away they stopped him again. This time they started laying charges of insulting law enforcers, worsened by him turning his back on them.

“How can you even think of laying charges when someone is dying here,” burst out the man. “I guess you expect me to reach for my wallet and pay for my freedom. Well, today is not your lucky day. If you really feel I owe you an apology follow me to the hospital then later on we go to your station.”

“We are going to have to take you to the station with us,” said one other officer.

“For what cause if I may ask.”

“I believe we have already told you your offence,” bloated the youngest who tried to sound intelligent.

“Unfortunately, I won’t be able to come with you now. Like I told you earlier, you would have to come with me to the hospital. I believe you have noticed that I have a life to save,” retorted the man standing his ground.

To this, the officers realized that they were never going to win this argument. They just looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

“OK, get out of here. Go and save your wife,” shouted the senior officer with the strong face.

At The Hospital
The man stormed into the hospital and asked for immediate attention at the reception. The receptionist called in an emergency and the doctor was summoned. Unfortunately, the doctor was undertaking another operation.

“Oh Lord! Is this how the situation is here?” said the man with the dying woman in his hands. “Is it possible that I can attend her,” asked the man reaching for his pocket.

He pulled out his wallet and withdrew an ID that assured that he was a licensed medical practitioner who could perform anywhere. They called them Doctors Without Borders.

He was ready to work his hands on the resuscitation of the woman’s life before it was too late. He just had to jump in to save the day. The hospital as big as it was, only had one doctor to attend all the patients present. It was a first come first serve criteria. Some would even return home without being attended. The doctor to patient ratio was one that was so alarming.

“Please also get me an open ward and a few nurses to help me out,” requested the man.

“But sir we will require a deposit upfront,” shouted the receptionist.

“So it’s all about the money?” whispered the man as he came to another halt. He once again reached for his wallet and fished out a few notes. He placed them before the receptionist and asked; “how much is it supposed to be?”

“Five thousand Sir,” responded the receptionist.

“Here, this is ten thousand, can I go save a life now.”

“You can go on sir, good luck.”

Luckily, the woman had taken a less toxic poison. If not for that, the man could have lost the woman. Judging with the time consumed by the greedy officers then the silly receptionist who only cared about money; it could have been too late. In the ER the man ordered the nurses around; it was a pass me this, pass me that situation. The nurses at first doubted how knowledgeable the man was at what he was doing. They did everything reluctantly which got to his nerves and forced him to stop and eyed them daringly.

“If she dies you will be in for it. Do you hear me?” his hoarse voice escaped from his mouth and the nurses were shocked. He was sweating heavily and his coat was so wet. The nurses were now mobile and hyperactive.

After he was satisfied that they had done a good job, he left the woman supported by a drip. Together with the nurses they walked out of the ward and strode down the passage.

“Why did she do it sir? Did you have a misunderstanding lately?” asked one innocent looking nurse.

“It’s a long story my dear, don’t let it bother you. Thanks for your caring hand, you may go on to attend your duties.”

“She will be fine sir, I pray she regains consciousness soon,” said the young nurse.

The man simply smiled at the nurse and patted her on the shoulder. “God bless you, you will be a great nurse,” he said. He understood that just like him, she was single and kind hearted. However, he could not disappoint her after she had wished him the best.

To be continued…


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