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Revival of Lost Hope 4

Revival of Lost Hope 4

Yeukai’s Past

When Yeukai’s father died, he had been owing Mazhambe a large sum of money. He failed to pay him back his dues because of the sickness that left him bedridden. He could no longer wake and go to work. All hopes to ever rise faded, so he finally slept forever.

At his funeral Mazhambe came to claim what was due to him. Unfortunately, Mai Yeukai (Yeukai’s mother) had nothing in her coffers to offer the man in place of her husband’s debt. Rather, she promised him her only daughter for a wife when she was mature enough.

To this Mazhambe was in agreement and went his way. By this time Yeukai was only six years old. She was not aware of what had transpired between her mother and the ferocious Mazhambe.

The years unfolded and something unusual started happening. With time she began to develop some two coconuts on her chest. With a bigger body with curvy hips, Mazhambe took every opportunity to tease her every time they met.

Yeukai hoped one day she’ll marry one fine gentleman from the city. She kept herself well and tried her best to keep away from the village rascals. Her dignity was reserved for her husband alone. Little did she know.

He would grab her and call her “my young wife” playing with her erogenous zones against her will. Her father had taught her that women should be submissive to men always. So she had to cooperate although her grandmother always told her never to allow anyone to play with her coconuts.

At one point she even told her mother who just asked her to ignore the old man. She did not care to tell her the truth of the matter. She remained in the dark until she was nineteen years old.

All hell broke loose one quiet sunset when Mazhambe paid Yeukai and her mother a visit. His mission took Yeukai by surprise. He demanded his wife, who in this case was herself.

She was shocked when her mother asked her to pack her clothes and follow Mazhambe to his home. Her mother did not say much but only asked her to obey and respect Mazhambe. He was now her husband as he earlier demanded and she asked her to ignore him.

She obediently followed her so called husband to her new home. A young woman welcomed her to the house and Mazhambe instructed her to train Yeukai. To this she was surprised; what is that she had to be trained?

“Have you ever done it before?” asked the trainer.

“Do what?” the confused Yeukai asked.

“So you have never been with any man. This is going to be a tough one for you girlie. Now lay here,” she said directing her to a small bed in one corner in the room.

The room was so quiet and eerie. Yeukai was more than afraid. The trainer stripped her of all her clothing and examined poor Yeukai.

“Umm, really a fresh blood, I have the right one for you,” she said handing her clothing back.

By this time Yeukai’s heart was pounding very hard. She knew all was not well. She simply followed the whole routine as instructed by her trainer.

Later than night, came in one gigantic, vicious man into her room. He was ushered in by the trainer who gave her one simple instruction; “respect this man and comply with all he says. Be a nice girl and you will have passed the test.”

The battle that ensued even the devil would surrender. The man forced himself in between her legs and took pleasure in her pain and tears.

Yeukai screamed and fought, but to no avail. The man overpowered her and kept her in vice all night. When he was satisfied he took his leave. He abandoned the poor Yeukai stuck in the corner soaking in her blood. Her white precious dress was stained; not to talk of her dignity lost to some shameless beast that calls itself a man.

There was not even any trace of gentleness in him, imagine taking pleasure in the poor girl’s pain and tears. How evil this world can be?

This was disgrace to humanity. Mai Yeukai (Mai Yeukai is Shona for Yeukai’s mother) had given up her daughter into the lion’s den. Yeukai had had her first portion of what was prepared for her by evil Mazhambe.

The following day she was introduced to the rest of the clan. All the young girls were under Mazhambe’s authority. They testified to Yeukai the wrath of Mazhambe.

Although he was sexually inactive, he had been their worst nemesis. He was at the centre of satisfying the sexual desires of all city men.  Most of them believed that young girls had the healing power to cleanse their bodies of some chronic diseases. No one had ever proved this; except only if they based their assertion on the biblical king David.


Days turned into weeks, then months followed by years. Two years down the line Mazhambe decided it was time to get rid of some unnecessary liabilities. Yeukai had been exhausted and was no longer an attraction to his customers. That was when he sold her off to one of his hungry beasts that took her to the city for eternal pleasures.

If he had known how tired Yeukai was of this life he would have never taken a chance with her. She was determined to break loose at any available opportunity that presented itself to her.

One night the man thought of quenching his conjugal thirsts. When he thought of forcing himself onto her she took the nearest object close to the bed and struck him on the head.

Instantly, the old man passed out and she burst out of the room. She ransacked the house and bumped into a packet of rat poison which she slid into her bra. Further on she found a rope, took it and found her way out of the house.

At the gate she paused and returned back inside. She opened her bag and withdrew her bible, hunted for a pen and paper around the house. After that she left the house forever and never to return again, she did not even look back.

She spent the almost the whole night running without any idea of where she was going. She climbed one big tree in the wilderness, looking for an escape from the ground creatures but still on the tree she remained vulnerable. She wrestled with her thoughts all night.

Evidently, life had been a terrible experience for her and taken the best of her. She had just had enough of this torture; that was when she decided that in the morning she will write a letter to God. She would place it in the bible for him to get it there.

If the poison would fail to terminate her then she would resort to hanging herself on the tree with the rope.

To be continued…

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  1. What a heartbreaking story, I believe everything on earth happens for a reason; both the bad and good. Can’t wait for the next piece👏👏👏

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