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Revival of Lost Hope 2

Revival of Lost Hope 2

He sat silently on the bench in the passage. People passed him in all directions going about their businesses. Hours went by and he hoped they’d call anytime. He began to dose off. Then came again the innocent nurse;

“Sir, your wife is awake now,” she said.

“Oh great! Thank you dear,” he said getting to his feet. He stretched his muscles, made a groan like yawn and took large steps towards the ward.

“No sir, it’s this way,” directed the nurse with a smile on her face. “You can’t wait to see her right,” she enquired trying to politely make him say something

“Yeah, you are right. I’m even confused right now, I don’t even know where I will start from.”

“Word of advice; just be easy on her. She might be fragile at this moment.” He just didn’t know what that meant.

He looked at her and smiled; at least that was the only thing he could offer her. He had nothing to say to her. At the door he held her hand and looked into her eyes;

“Wish me luck,” he said.

“All the best, let me allow you some space to catch up with her. Take good care of her, she really needs it at a moment like this.” He took a deep sigh and opened the door. He walked in and the woman was surprised.

“Who are you? Where am I?” she asked, her eyes wide open. She didn’t feel comfortable at all. Her only hope was that she wasn’t in new trouble.

“I am Hove, doctor Hove and you are,” said the man introducing himself.

“What am I doing here, who brought me here,” asked the lady with fear written all over her face.

Her expressions said it all on her behalf. She felt cornered by a mysterious situation. Waking up in a hospital to be welcomed back to life by a strange face didn’t add up. Not even to talk of how she got there, this was a whole drama to her. She had a whole tonne of questions she needed to offload, but on who? She was not quite sure.

“Tell me, why did you attempt to kill yourself?” Hove asked yet another question.

To his surprise she burst into tears sitting on the bed. Hove took her hand and looked straight into her eyes. Somehow she felt a bit comfortable at this point. She didn’t understand how such a mood swing was possible.

“Don’t be afraid, you are very safe. You are at Beezar Public Hospital, I brought you here earlier today. You were unconscious due to the poison you consumed. What I don’t understand is why you had chosen to end you life.”

“You said your name is Hove right,” asked the woman.

“Yes that is my name.”

“Thanks for saving my life. I could have been history right now if it was not for your sake,” she said. Her face was down with shame.

She seemed to be an innocent, shy lady in her mid thirties. She had the sweetest voice Hove had ever heard. Whilst speaking she sounded as if she was singing.

Hove interjected before she could say much, “it’s ok my dear, I couldn’t have left you to die in the wilderness.”

The lady chose to tell him more about the occurings. Something from within told her to trust him.

“However, mine is a long story and I don’t even know where to start…” she paused briefly and her eyes shot straight to the door. “Who is that?” she signalled towards the door with her eyes.

Hove raised his eyes and met the innocent nurse who immediately withdrew from the door. All he could do was shake his head and shrug his shoulders;

“She thinks I’m your husband.”

All of a sudden the lady found herself laughing her lungs out.

“So you mean…eh-h,” she blushed.

“What do you mean by eh-h?” Hove didn’t understand what she meant.

“I mean you registered me as your wife,” she smiled.

“No!” he exclaimed. “I only brought you in here from the riverside. The doctor was so busy, so I took the life saving into my hands as I am a professional doctor also.”

“But hospitals normally demand a deposit upfront before admission, How did I make it this far?” she asked eagerly.

“Well, I settled all the accounts.”

“You mean you paid all the money for my treatment?”

“Oh yes.”

“That is so sweet and kind of you sir, man like you are in short supply in this age,” she remarked.

“No, don’t mention it. I was raised by a responsible lady. Let us just say I was your angel from above.”

They turned out to be getting along so well and engaged into a deep conversation. The man decided to delve into other social conversations and allow the lady to ease her mind. Later on the main doctor at the hospital came in to check on the patient he never got to attend. He brought in a file with him and found Hove still sitting in the same ward.

“You must be the life saver,” said the doctor stretching his hand to greet Hove.

“Yes sir, I am Dr. Hove.”

“Pleased to meet you dear colleague and thank you for saving a life, I am Dr. Chimutashu.” Then turning to the bed he said; “obviously this should be Mrs. Hove.”

Hove and the woman looked at each other and smiled sarcastically;

“how are you doctor,” said the so called Mrs Hove.

Chimutashu laughed and also stretched his hand to the woman; “I’m the one who should be asking you that question madam, how are you feeling now? You are lucky to have a doctor husband.”

To this she blushed and eyed Hove with his mischievous smile that exposed his front line teeth. Somehow, the woman seemed to have been wishing she had met Hove years ago. He could have made the best life partner unlike all the hit and run thugs he had been exposed to all this while.

To be continued…

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