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Quarantine Diaries

It got to a point that I finally gave up. I stopped counting days and just watched the sun rise and set again. What use was the calendar still, if everyday was a natural holiday?

Little did I know that a lot was going on out there. Inasmuch as I was bored, I was never going to make silly decisions. I was too old to play childish. Yet, some people were busy planning some triumphant returns into their old Jerusalem.

Guess what happened!

One morning I woke up exhausted and headed for the kitchen. I consumed a glass of milk leaning on the sink. For some reason I kept starring at my phone which I’d kept on the table. I wasn’t expecting any important call or message. Of course, business was dead.

Still, that didn’t stop the wind from blowing the past into my face. My phone rang all of a sudden. Like always I fought with myself.

“Answer it,” said one side of me.
“No, it’s too early for calls,” my other side interjected.

Then both sides in shock, “Wait! What does she want!?”

I watched the phone ring until it was tired. Right when I thought she’d given up, she called again. I met with my devil and answered the phone. I pretended to be half asleep, but she was so full of energy. She must have been high, almost close to the most high.

“Hi!” she shouted. I bet you she waved at me on the phone.

“Hi Sharon,” I answered with a sorry voice. I don’t know who I was feeling sorry for.

Sharon told me that she missed me and I almost chocked trying not to laugh. She tried to remind me all the good old days, but I didn’t care. I still remembered how we used to be in love until she felt like upgrading. She apologized like a kid caught stealing peanut butter. There was a lot of explaining, but her tongue was somehow stuck in her mouth.
So I asked, “Are you okay?”
“Yes, I’m perfect,” she answered.
“Are you bored?” I asked again.

She lost her cool and hell broke loose on me. Then she went on and on blaming me for never taking her serious.

“You see! That’s why it never works between us,” she said.

I opened the refrigerator again and started drinking the milk straight from the bottle. She really thought I was bored to fall for her shenanigans. I kept listening until she ran out of airtime. By the time the line cut off I had finished all the milk and there was none to use when making tea for the whole family.

I was definitely going to get another earful from mother. I just opened my phone and texted the little devil; “Next time you get bored try doing some exercises.” She hasn’t replied me since then.

Featured Image Source: Pixabay


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