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What’s Next?

What’s Next?

Every day has its own.

Yesterday came –

messed us up,

but it did not bar us whatsoever

from waking up today.

We dusted ourselves and

soldiered on still.


If 2020 was a chewing gum,

I would have swallowed it

probably in April.

Maybe earlier,

but somewhere there.

Alas, this is life.


I have heard a handful of suicide cases

All during lockdown,

including others that fell into severe depression.

In the Genesis of it all

we assumed Exodus will come and go,

before knowing it

we could have been in its Revelations.


our thoughts are mere imagination of mortal beings.

We hold no higher power to design the future.

Our best capacity is to narrate the past,

Live the present

and imagine tomorrow.


Just in the past years

we lived from January to December. Then came 2020,

we only lived a few days.

The rest we were held hostage,

by minute particles suspected to be floating in the air somehow.

Here we are today, still surviving.


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