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Period Poverty: Living A Sorry Life

Period Poverty: Living A Sorry Life

She cursed the creator for making her a woman. Why did He have to embarrass her like this?

Heidi was beginning to lose her mind. Slowly. She tried to steer her mind, but the shameless boys never allowed her a chance. Had it been easy, she would have stayed home and locked herself up. At least until recovery.

Too bad! The story of a girl whose mother slept forever is always unpredictable. The dark side of it, her father remarried Jezebel’s incarnate. Insult upon injury.

“Tomorrow I won’t come to school,” Heidi told her friend Agnes.

“Where will you go?”

“I don’t know, maybe you will never see me again.”

“What do you mean?” Agnes’s face turned pale.

Heidi shrug her shoulders and looked away. Her eyes were logged with tears and each drop fell carefully onto her exercise book. The tears spoiled her book and sowed more seeds for trouble. She must have offended a great wizard in the past life.

“Heidi!” called out Mr. Bristle, the English teacher.

“Yes sir,” she politely answered. She raised her weary head and shot her gaze towards the teacher.

Mr. Bristle commanded her to come forward, but she kept her bottoms stuck on the bench. “I can’t stand sir,” she said earnestly. However, Mr. Bristle found this response to be rude and unacceptable.

He withdrew his special, long dried stick from his drawer. Rumor has it that he had had it for years and it never broke. Some said he dipped it salty water and dried it. That’s why it inflicted unimaginable pain on the skin.

Seeing this, the rest of the class was elated. It was always drama when Mr. Bristle took his stick to action. With just one stroke the student would call his great grandfather from the land of the dead. Poor Heidi.

“Stand up!” commanded Mr. Bristle.

“I can’t sir,” Heidi said looking up to Mr. Bristle.

Mr. Bristle took the offense and struck her on the buttocks with all his might. Heidi screamed and fell to the floor leaving a bloody mess on the bench. A huge noise ensued and it caught headteacher’s attention as she did her routine rounds.

Mrs. Kent walked into the classroom unnoticed. Mr. Bristle was in his beast mode making Heidi clean after her mess. The rest of the class was busy teasing Heidi for messing her pants. At the same time Agnes walked in with a bucket of water and old cloth. In a rush, she bumped into Mrs. Kent and spilled a little water onto her new floral dress.

“I’m really sorry madam,” apologized Agnes falling to her knees.

“No girl, please stand up.”

Agnes stood rushed over to her friend. “Mr. Bristle!” shouted Mrs. Kent.

“Ma’am…” he was dumbstruck. No more words came out of his empty vessel. Mrs. Kent walked towards him enraged.

“What is this Mr. Bristle!?”

Like a kid caught stealing peanut butter in the pantry Mr. Bristle couldn’t speak. Mrs. Kent looked at Heidi and her heart broke. Seeing the girl’s green dress with a blood spot on the back told her everything.

“Heidi, are you okay?” asked Mrs. Kent.

Heidi looked up and shook her head. She tried to stand, but she failed. Mr. Bristle’s whipping had drained all her stamina.

“Really Mr. Bristle?” she said pulling out her old cellular phone tied with a rubber band. She dialled and put the phone to her ear. She requested first aiders to be deployed to the school immediately.

Mrs. Kent and Agnes held Heidi from both sides. They slowly helped her walk out of the classroom. There was a loud silence and all the students had taken their seats. When the got to the door they stopped and Mrs. Kent looked back; “Mr. Bristle, my office please.”

There were silent whispers amongst the students as Mr. Bristle packed his desk and walked out too. He scratched his head as he walked down the corridor imagining his dark fate. He needed Jesus to come down in person to save him?

“Why did you not stay at home Heidi?” asked Mrs Kent.

“It came early this month madam,” Heidi answered with signs of struggle in her voice.

“Oh, I see.”

Mrs. Kent went on to advise her to at least keep some sanitary pads in her bag for emergencies like this. To her shock Heidi revealed that she has never used any since the past three years. She never afforded to buy, so she had always resorted to using old cloth. Evil period poverty.

On many occasions she would miss school because the other girls laughed at her. They would look call her names and she was always uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, she would not spend the day at home. Her stepmother would roast her whenever chance availed itself. So whenever she was on her periods she always spent the day by the riverside. Agnes would bring her notes and she would copy into her book and then they walked home.

The story was also the same for Agnes and a few other girls in the school. In fact, even in other schools there were more of such a predicament. By the time the first aiders arrived Mrs. Kent’s heart was already shattered to pieces. She went to her office and brought with her a new looking one dollar note and gave it to Agnes.

Agnes ran to the shop and brought with her a pack of sanitary pads and gave them to the lady attending to Heidi.

Back in her office, Mrs. Kent called for the disciplinary committee. His case was deliberated and it was agreed that he should be reported to the police for his outrageous behavior. In just a few days Mr. Bristle was in court and the law acted accordingly with him.

However, the judge tempered justice with mercy and did not send Mr. Bristle behind bars. Instead, he was ordered to pay for Heidi’s medical fees and also pay her a sum of twenty five dollars every month for a whole year. In addition, he would be suspended from teaching for two months and report daily for community service.

On the other hand, Heidi’s stepmother also faced the iron fist of the law. The father somehow escape under the disguise of everything happening behind his back. Filthy liar.

Heidi’s stepmother was sentenced to six years in prison for all the evil that was revealed to police. It was only during the trial that it came to light that all the scars on Heidi’s back were from being lashed with a piece of wire by the stepmother. That beautiful witch.





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