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Old Soul

Old Soul

(Based on true events)

Once upon a time I was told by a stranger that I am an old soul in a young skin. He said in a polite way.

At first I was confused with no idea of what these words hoped to deliver. Not so quick to react or judge, I took considerable time to ponder on it.

It so happened that I was walking around appreciating life. Like always, I had my earphones plugged in, listening to some refreshing music. All I wanted was to concentrate on my business and not mind the rest of the world.

I still remember that I was listening to a song by Lucky Dube (May his soul rest in peace),  but forgotten the actual title. However, the song had a deep meaning for life. Then this stranger riding his scooter pulled off by the roadside and asked to have a word with me. I wasn’t in a rush so I spared a moment to here what he had to say.

“He could have been a prophet or any kind of seer.” That is what I remained behind with when he drove off and left me behind. One thing that took me aback was how he just said it.

“Do you know that you are an old soul?” he said.

I was confused and really wanted to understand. He didn’t want to explain what he meant, but asked me to research on what is an Indigo Child. I researched, yet, it still didn’t explain why he said I was an old soul. For some reason I still felt there is something complex attached to it.

However, through my study for Indigo children I learnt something still. I came to acknowledge that everyone somehow has something unique in them. It could be in the form of character, physical ability or spiritual consciousness.

From then I realised that we are living in a tiny bubble of misconception as a whole. We expect the world to be a universal drama and everyone should be the same with the supposed genius next door. Well, that’s a topic for another day.

Why was I called an old soul? To be frank, I am not sure. I have a tiny idea though. It so happened that one day I reluctantly said out my actual age in one WhatsApp group of writers and one lady exclaimed.

“Ah Jurgen! Are you that young?” she asked.

I did not know how to react. It was a frank, but controversial question. I had to answer back anyway.

“Yes ma’am, I’m a kid of the 90’s,” I answered. Thereafter everyone was taken aback to realise I was as young as I was. Only to realise that people overestimated my age with regards to whatever I spoke and especially what I wrote. The world has always been very good at judging after all.

Another colleague from my social networks was also surprised when I told her how young I was. When I asked her how old she thought I was she broke my ribs with laughter. On top of the years I have lived under the sun she added a good seven years on top. I asked why she assumed so and she came back to what I say and write.

Ergo, I came back to think to myself. Why is it that people think I am way older than I am? I think for now I have a minor understanding of why the stranger called me an old soul. I am still on the search for a greater understanding. Until then, Aluta continua.


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