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Of The Many Times We Have Fallen

Of The Many Times We Have Fallen

In every mystery there are unanswered questions that are buried underneath our skins. We have fallen; not once, not twice. Somehow, we keep falling.

We are strong, we want to be stronger. In our hands lie the keys that unlock our future, but the past is brighter. It shines upon us more than anyone could ever anticipate in the dark old days.

The brighter past gives an illusion. It reminds us, and everyone else that we once were bad. I know, no one is perfect. Here is the problem; when the past decides to catch up, only the bad ones show up. They bring with them a big tag of shame and humiliation. The black days catch up quickly and break us down.

We are reminded more of our flaws, and we look less on the good ones. There are no thumbs up anywhere in the crowd, just boos. No wonder our brethren are drowning in booze.

There are those few people who will believe in our goodness, still ,in this season.  These are the special we need to hold at high esteem in our eyes, hearts and mind. They more than just friends and colleagues. They deserve the front row seats to our colorful future. Let us love them before they vanish into the unknown.


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