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My Hag-ish Phobia

My Hag-ish Phobia

Growing up I didn’t trust any old woman(hag). Even my aged grannies scared me to death. I barely slept whenever they were around.

Well, I believed they were witches. I feared they would drink our blood while we slept.

It all started with the story of the old woman with a baby on her back. It was said that there was an old lady who was going from home to home. She would ask for drinking water. Ever since she started moving around there was an increase in sudden unexplainable deaths.

According to my reliable sources, back then; as much water she drank, she would be sucking the blood of your family members. Entertaining her thirst was .
a risk.

To keep this old lady away people were told to spread ash on their gates. I’m telling you, every gate in our neighborhood had a greyish line in front of it.

To make it more annoying, grannies multiplied their unheralded visits in that season.

I was terrified. One of my old grandmas visited us and I refused to give her water. I couldn’t even shake her hand, let alone give her a hug. That was the first night I prayed all night.


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