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Murder Around Midnight

Murder Around Midnight

The forensic team said the knife was clean and the blood didn’t match. It definitely was murder. Yet, the knife matched the wounds on the victim’s chest. No fingerprints on a blood stained knife, really?

“Well comrades! We are back where we started,” said detective Storm.

His team looked demotivated. They worked their butt tirelessly, to hit rock bottom. Back to the crime scene. Again.

“Sweet heavens Sir!” shouted constable Harry over the radio. “The crime scene has been compromised.”

To the teams horror, some homeless folks broke into the house and started living there. Unfortunately, by law, they will need an eviction notice to chase them out. It wasn’t any use at the end of the day. The intruders had already cleaned up after the murderer’s mess.

Was this the fate of old aunt Jane?

The night of the incident her neighbors say something unusual happened. Unlike every other day, the usual midnight noise was on mute. Aunt Jane, like she was popularly known, was famous for her loud midnight prayer. Every midnight she would be heard praying for everyone in the street by their names.

There was only one lady she never used to pray for. “Maybe she was angered by the exclusion. You should investigate her, ” said one of the neighbors. It was said that earlier that night she was seen pacing around aunt Jane’s compound.

“I’m not saying anything,” said the lady with cold eyes and shaky hands. She refused to be interrogated at the police station, so her lounge over cold cups of coffee was the best place. Storm and Harry starred at her, but she said nothing further. She sipped more coffee and chewed some almonds.

“What were you doing around aunt Jane’s premises that night?” asked Storm. She looked at him. Annoyed, probably. Storm laughed, and they took to the streets with Harry.

“Harry?” Storm almost coughed out his heart when he called.

“Talk to me big man.”

“Let’s take a walk down to Jane’s place again.”

The duo walked down to Jane’s house for the umpteenth time. They stood at the door and froze. Storm was thinking. “Follow me,” he said.

They walked inside and sat comfortably on the couch. The new residents missed some bloodstains on the mat, Harry pointed theme out to Storm. He didn’t care about the blood though. The father of the new family walked in and shouted, “you, again!”

“Yes, me! I’ll haunt you forever still!”

The father was called Terminator for some reason. Storm could tell that it was symbolic somehow. What exactly did he terminate? Was it mere coincidence? Poor, defenceless aunt Jane was erased from earth and Terminator invaded her monument.

He had an alibi, a concrete one. On the night aunt Jane was robbed of life Terminator had gone out of town to fumigate a factory. He was popular for not missing any roach if he came with his knapsack. His client confirmed that he worked overnight. So he was safe.

The two police officers still had questions. Why did Terminator move and take over a crime scene. What made him to traverse 20km across town to occupy aunt Jane’s house? Why him and no one from around,  and why so soon.

“I was paid to stay in the house,” said Terminator with a tired face.

“Paid!?” Harry was puzzled now.

“Of course, the lad said if we lived in here for a couple of months he would be able to sell off the house.” Terminator shed more light. ” For a fortune too.”

Storm and Harry listened properly. Only to learn that aunt Jane’s great grandson had paid them. New drama.

Back at the station. One mysterious man rushed in, as if pursued by a legion of demons. He cried that the midnight prayer warrior was beating him mercilessly. She threatened to beat the devil out of him if he did not spill the beans.

“She didn’t want to pray silently,” said the sinner under the spotlight. Apparently, a fight broke out when he confronted aunt Jane just before her midnight prayer. He asked her politely, but she just did not listen. She picked a knife and tried to scare him away.

The mystery man kept confronting aunt Jane and she lost her mind. She deposited the knife into his thigh and he picked another knife also. Unconsciously, he stabbed aunt Jane next to her heart. She screamed and fell to the ground with a light thud. He stabbed her numerously until she lay still.

He sneaked out with his murder weapon without being noticed. Still, Storm and team needed to know; “why did aunt Jane’s great grandson pay the scavengers to illegally clean the murder scene?”


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