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Love At Last

Love At Last

I was once a lonely soul
Thanks to your warm arms,
I found a home
A place of healing,
And my heart rejoices.

You asked why my heart hurts,
I told you love is meaningless.
You looked deep into my soul
And saw a broken lover,
but with potential to love even better.

I’m not the typical boy-friend,
but you are big-hearted
My girl-friend.
So it was,
Until I learnt to love
Following your footsteps,
I got better.

I found healing in long love,
Loving from miles away
Yet you touched the deepest parts.
You tightened the loose feelings,
Lightened the heavy emotions
See I’m over the moon now.

Love surely is colorful,
but only with the right lover.
Don’t fall for just anything,
Love those who sacrifice to love you
Love those you will sacrifice love for,
I have tried it,
I have tested and tasted it.


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