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Collaboration Poem by Jurgen Namupira and Chennai Boroma.

Dauntless – they are gambling with life,
hanging with a thread,
with their necks are on the stick.
Daily, they’re dealing with peril cases,
double blinded.
Some have released the ghost,
Going to unknown realms,
The remaining stand gallant,
And with pluckiness they’re saving many lives standing between passions and the grave.
Theirs is no mere occupation but a divine calling.

Daredevils hover under their noses,
Calling deep into their souls
The grim reaper is visiting for the umpteenth time.
He comes uninvited, yet anticipated –
Defying the odds of exchange,
He takes, but gives nothing in return.
Kudos to our unsung heroes fighting day and night,
They have vowed to contend with the devil until he drops his guns.

How best shall we appreciate them?
O our fighters without barrels,
Medecins Sans Frontiers;
Keeping on their toes for our livelihood,
Choosing us over their loved ones.
They tell us to stay home and mind our families,
Who’s minding theirs?
O dear heavens,
Please hug them for the job well done.

Featured Image Source: Pixabay


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