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How To Be An African Child Part 5

How To Be An African Child Part 5

Anywhere else in the world children despise boarding life. It is regarded as a punishment and a form of estrangement. Mostly mischievous children are sent to boarding school. That is in order to revise their manners. Not where I come from.
Back home children work so hard to be sent to boarding school. If you want to go to boarding school, here are some free tips. Don’t forget to thank me later.

Firstly, you need to be a bookworm if you want to ever smell boarding school. Where I come from it is basically the hub that breeds nerds. Usually, they focus on enrolling those high achievers. A good African child makes sure they’re always on their books if they want to go to boarding school.

Secondly, you need to be a strong prayer warrior. Regardless of whatever you believe in, just pray hard. In Africa being sending your child to boarding is a sign of showing off. We have a lot of witches here. I’m not talking of that witchcraft lite, really witches who manufacture lighting. If you want to go to boarding, be ready to defend yourself from endless headaches and nightmares.

Before I forget. On that witching note, a good African child knows who to play with and who not to. There are certain kids whose toys you don’t even touch, no matter how much you envy them. Especially those ones who leave in the farms, they always gave us a hard time growing up.

I always tell people this story, but they think it’s a joke. One day in school I picked up this guy’s pen. He was my classmate. I put it on my desk and intended to give it back to him when he returns.

Before I gave it to him he started looking for his pen and the other boy told him that I had it. All he heard was that I picked it up when he dropped it.

I tried to explain that I was going to give him. Unfortunately, he believed that I planned to keep it for myself. He told me three times, “mbuya vangu unovaziva here?” (do you know my grandmother). I didn’t know what he meant so I ignored it.

The night came and I slept peacefully. Around past midnight I woke up to visit the toilet. I remember for a fact that it took me exactly 59 seconds to lose some water and return to my room.

Surprised, I found my blankets spread and pillows organized. The was no one in the room, but the door was closing itself behind me.

The whole thing was terrifying and I couldn’t sleep. I sat up all night until the sun rose. I got to school the following morning and the boy asked, “did you meet my grandmother last night?”

Only then, I realized that to stay away from other kid’s stuff will help me sleep at night. Take note of this also.
The story continues next week. Ciao!!!

To be continued…

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