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How To Be An African Child Part 3

How To Be An African Child Part 3

It’s so much fun growing up in Africa, but having too much fun is an offense.

1. Don’t be too excited to treat your parents like they’re your friends. They are not. Remember that, always.

African parents are funny. They will always contradict themselves. They will ask you to be free and open with them. A good African Child will always know when to stop. When they say be careful of what you say to them or do in their presence.

2. You can go play with your friends, but don’t stay too long. Be a good time keeper.

I will never forget the day I allowed the sun to go ahead of me. Since that day I understood how it pays to pay attention. My flesh took some thorough beating, but I had a wonderful day tho.

3. Know what to wear and when to wear.

No matter how you love any outfit, keep this in mind. Every beautiful outfit is for specific events. Especially the new ones. If mommy never asked you to wear it, don’t you dare set your eyes on it. Pretend that it’s not in the wardrobe.

Well, I have spoken a lot about mothers. What about fathers?

Fathers are just fathers snd they are hardly around. We as African children we have spent most times with our mothers. Maybe that’s why there is a lot to say about them.

Being an African Child you should understand that a father doesn’t lie, he just doesn’t tell the truth. He will come home drunk one night and promises you new shoes if you pass. No matter how hard you work in school, it still remains your responsibility. His is too pay school fees.

A good child knows the father’s voice. You can be up to any mischief at anytime, but never let him catch you in the act. He barely raises his hand on the child, but one day is one day.

Let’s talk more about the father’s place in the next part. Catch you next Thursday. Salute!

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