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Graves Within

Graves Within

Then we sought peace,
but we were shredded like gouda
all into pieces,
spread across the landscape
to be devoured mercilessly.

We are victims of a kind heart,
forgiving the unforgivable
Unfortunate for being tolerant,
Risking it all for love
yet, we lost everything still.

Who will heal our land,
when we sleep to never wake?
Bound forever to our back,
facing the sky,
our eyes closed, counting stars.

Will our legacy survive?
Living beyond our last breath,
The aspiration of inspiration
Selfless deeds from the field,
or it’ll follow us six feet deep.

We have fought the good fight,
Now we take the next exit.
They say when we die
we live forever more,
Maybe it’s such a good thing.

Who has ever been ready for death?


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