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Dying In Silence

Dying In Silence

It is the loud silence in our voices
Trapping us in this dilemma,
Leaving us bound by our foes.

We are too scared of the unknown,
Trying to protect our plastic ego
Afraid to show the world our weakness.

At the end of the day
We rather die in pain,
And struggle in vain.

We are crying behind closed doors,
But what are the walls gonna do?
Let your voice be your freedom fighter.

Stand up and man up to struggle
Speak up and let your voice be heard,
Fear not the judgement.

It’s better to die in silent pain
The insults upon injury,
Ignorance from the jury.

I refuse to suffer in silence,
I will be the voice of the voiceless
To walk the tough thousand miles.

I have a dream and I don’t care.
Even if it takes my last breath
I am gonna wash away this filth.

Now is the time for change
I’m not talking any revenge,
No eye for an eye.

I am beyond hate
But I am going to fight the good fight,
Tell the oppressor I am set.

I have put on my armour of war,
The prejudice must go,
No more tears, no more sorrow.


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