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Dear Son

Dear Son

By Abel Mavura & Jurgen Namupira

Dear Son; that moment is around the corner and there isn’t any question to it. It is coming again like it has always come.

Keep watch of those enemies;
Slyly drawing close to you,
they sharpen their tongues as a serpent,
with reserved poison of a viper
Jealousy stored beyond their juicy lips.
My son beware they are full of deadly poison to finish you.

these people you see;
They brew trouble and network iniquity .
Their thoughts are on what they can gain from you.
You’re either their handyman to perpetrate violence
or as the bait to fool your buddies
And they revoke their future
Thus invalidating what is right,
beware my son!

Beware of those who have waited long enough;
Longing to revenge,
It’s just a personal fight my son
And this might be their best time to take action.
Caution is key,
That moment when yo give them an ear.

Beware of those hypocrites as they approach, they will appear to be men of the cloth;
yet beyond the rob is a mission scroll,
Scribbled plans to fulfill their personal needs, their bellies are their cause of interest . Beware they might blind you .

As we approach that time;
remember it’s not every smile that approves your deeds,
It’s good,
My son remember you’re not Jesus,
You can’t motivate their smiles as a whole
And neither are you pizza.

My son, account your self worth
and consider the value of life.
yes it is that time again
Like always, it shall pass anyway.
My son…
don’t find yourself on the wrong side of the road,
Study your path and retain your vision.
My son, let them call you a betrayer or whatever names but you remain yourself,
this time should not change your personality, be yourself be who you are,
after all you don’t lose anything.

Make it a goal to put a smile on someone’s face
but beware of whom you dine with,
enemies are scattered everywhere like…
Give them no room to triumph over you.

My son!
There is a difference between democracy
And a republic lie
as we approach that time
beware you shall be victim to such.
Leave footprints of love and kindness wherever you go but always know your enemies are not happy.
As we approach that time discipline your tongue not to spit Vernon causing divisions.

My Son, we all have rights
but remember there is always that enemy hoping to infringe them .
Set an eye on them before they inflict harm.
Yes, you’re smart
But don’t only limit it to solving algebra and geometry,
calculate and solve your mathematics properly before it’s too late .
We have counted 5 years more than 5 times , we have been there before.
Whatever step you take you’re preparing your future.
Know your worthy and mind your actions as we approach the election time.

This poem was written in 2017. It was first published here


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