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Day 4: Understand The Artist’s Message

Day 4: Understand The Artist’s Message

Once upon a time there was silence in a room. The silence was too loud until one boy cracked a joke. It wasn’t intentional, but he surely changed the atmosphere.

I am reminded that Rowan Atkinson made his earlier shows a success by saying nothing. It’s the creativity of his silence that cracked the ribs of his silence.

The gift however, can sometimes be like a curse. Back in Zimbabwe we have the legend of Dambudzo Marechera (May his soul rest in peace). A many of beautiful lingo and wordplay, he mesmerized the hearts of many. His works are like prophecies, but he wasn’t taken serious in his time.

It is quite unfortunate that when a writer gives the world his art, the underestimate it. There are many truths that we will find in a whole lot of literature. People write, but for who? The people they write for are too busy to understand them.

Unfortunately, the public is too quick to judge their sanity. They condemn the daredevils that haunts any writer who writes what he sees from his third eye. Marechera was one misunderstood writer. Until today, the public stresses more on his need for psychological help. Who listened to his words though?

Soldiering towards the end of the creatives weeks, here’s my note. For every time you bump into any creative, try not to judge them. Lest you will misjudge them and miss their message.


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