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Day 3: #WinterABC2021 – Daily Struggle of a Creative

Day 3: #WinterABC2021 – Daily Struggle of a Creative

Crazy day [yawn]!

I almost missed day three, but I am here to tell you something about being a creative.

Today I left home, knowing it is a normal day. My expectation was that, like yesterday, I would pen today’s piece for the #WinterABC2021 after work before sunset. Alas, life happens anytime.

By midday it was agreed that I will work all the way into the night. Mind you, I committed to #WinterABC2021. I promised myself that I will take each day as it comes, but I almost missed it. It is 22:52 hrs right now, I have pledged to fulfill my side of the promise.

With the witching hour around the corner, here goes. Being a creative may seem and sound so easy. However, it comes with a lot of challenges too. Especially if you don’t do art as a full-time job.

For others, like myself, we have day jobs and sometimes have to study at night. The story is something not to reckon with a cheer. We ought to strategize only to change the plans later on.

Say myself for example, I may have a story to tell. I fail to write that story because my daily duties spend the whole of my time. I end up focusing more on making the next dollar and the story can wait.

Then comes the time when the story begins to fight you from within. I remember at one point I woke up around three in the morning. I couldn’t sleep again until I wrote one poem that had been in my head for days. Only then, I fell asleep. The satisfaction of writing it gave me a peace of mind.

Such is the tragedy of a creative person. Sometimes the general public will find us conversing with ourselves. They are too quick to judge and say we are losing our minds. That’s not so, we are busy creating stories and giving them a real life feeling.

I hope people will understand when we sometimes do not deliver as per the promised time. We will not be killing them with curiosity, but we will be trying to manage the time wisely. Apart from writing, we still have to edit and proofread.

Tonight I leave you hanging here wondering what I am trying to say. I am tired, but I had to live up to my #WinterABC2021 promise.

’til next time, Cheerios!


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