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Blind Love

Blind Love

Forget the red lipstick and exposing dress. I have been through hell and thunder; what’s the worst that could ever happen?

If ever I will love a man, Lord strike me down with the fastest lightning. I’d rather sleep forever than let a man dig through my life.

That bastard. I gave him too much, but he took everything still. To imagine I believed in the fairy-tales of happily ever after. The idea of romance is the greatest scam under the sun.

I truly curse the womb that carried such a disgrace. Pathetic. I have seen it all, and all I can say is to hell with love. Something is wrong with whoever said, “love is priceless”. It cost me a whole fortune.

The darkest memory of my life started the day I watched him walk away. Remembering all his plastic promises really breaks my heart.

One winter morning was too romantic for any human with feelings. I was all drowned in my bomber jacket, not even trying to look sexy whatsoever. This dude kept giving me this seductive look from across the street.

He smiled at me and I felt obliged to smile back. I pulled a silly smile in return, but he took another step. He waved at me, still smiling. I was confused. Really, I was.

I looked around looking for the person he was waving at. It surely couldn’t have been me, maybe I was daydreaming. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I wasn’t sleepwalking. He pointed towards me and waved again.

Confused even more, I had this surprised look on my face. It almost rained in my pants when he took his first step across the road.

“Oh no! Please stay there,” I stayed so loud in my head. As adamant as he was, he didn’t listen to me. He just kept modelling across the road, throwing his dreadlocks all over.

Okay. I admit, he was handsome and his charm was something too strong for me to resist. He somehow wooed my heart before saying anything to me. I said “yes” in my head when he was still approaching.

Man, did he catch me off guard? He asked if I was waiting for the bus to town. To his advantage the bus was delayed. So he had more time to know me. My bad, he never asked me out.

We started bumping into each other every morning, right at the bus stop. Coincidence, or not, I loved it. His company felt like bottomless coffee. I was ready to love unconditionally, I guess.

Days became weeks and months, almost a year. I don’t remember him saying the words out exactly, but we ended up in bed. Neither once nor twice; over and over again. We were blindly in love.

Then one day nigga just woke up to disappear. He wasn’t in touch for a full week. I was worried, something might have happened to my Knight in shinning armor. I reported a missing person at the police station.

To my dismay, the police’s response was heartbreaking. I was worried about Jim who wasn’t even Jim. His real name was Nhamoinesu and was under police custody.

The bastard I fell in love with was busted for human trafficking. In another case he was jailed for defying court orders. He failed to pay maintenance fees for his child and a whole bunch of other crimes.

Then you dare tell me about falling in love again. No, thank you!


6 thoughts on “Blind Love

      1. This is emotionally true creativity. Life is mysterious. People are miracles. I’d love it much if written being a man suffering the consequences. Good work 👍

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