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What could go wrong In a world damned All gone south, Where the sun sets too soon And sunrise is a torture Is there anything better To come out of this new This is my first here, I’m not promising a second But if it comes Just accept it
But there comes just one We shall leave
Monday… That other day Out of seven Coming after that break – Hated by many, But who has a choice? Not so many of us. Many of us, Will have to drag Our hungover beings Out of bed Into the streets To report in For a new week. We survived the last, Let’s hope To […]
Time, Between yesterday and today I have learnt – Any minute from now I can lose it all, All that I have And all those I have. We take life for granted Because we have it But tomorrow We may still have it, Yet unable to pursue our dreams It’s all possible But we’re too […]
I have survived yet another week With many more to come, Not sure This may be my last… Life is a mystery But we’re all hopeful To wake with every sunrise Just like we follow the sunset to bed.   Today I had an idea Only implementable 5 years later Then the question of what […]